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tans. we are out of time. i stole the last word that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. greta is next. have a great weekend, we'll see you monday. get is a fox news alert. a man has just been arrested accused of breaching security at newark airport. the breach happened last sunday evening. on video, a man can be seen ducking under a barrier and entering a secure area of the airport to hug a woman waiting for him on the other side. a tsa guard had stepped away for a minute giving the man time to sneak in port authority police arrested a suspect tonight. the guard has been put on leave, stick with fox news for the latest on this breaking news story. >> tonight governor mitt romney, right here, right now. welcome governor. >> hey greta, good to be with you. >> greta: nice to see you. the whole country is sort of abuzz about the fact that president obama promised on
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tape, seven, eight, nine times that the health care debate, discussion, would be on c-span. if you were president of the united states would it be on c-span do you agree? >> he made the prop if you make a promise like that you have to keep. there are bigger promises he has not kept. the most important of which he would have this open process. there would be a bipartisan effort. new style of politics in washington. and the style he has brought has been far more of the backroom, if you will, bribery type of arrangement that we've seen in many, many years. >> greta: why? why has he made those promises about having it open and everybody have a seat at the table for instance? why since you don't think he has kept those promises didn't he or hasn't he? >> i can't guess to his motivation other than the fact has been unsuccessful in his first year. has not been able to accomplish virtually anything. as a result he's pinning all
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of his hopes on seeing something happen with health care what has occurred of course he's created a monster. this health care bill this being fashioned by the two houses doesn't make any sense and it ought to be jammed and they ought to start over again. but he's got to get some success so he's pushing so hard. he doesn't want people to see how ugly the process is and how bad this bill is. >> greta: in 2006 when were you governor in massachusetts they passed the health care that you signed. is there anything thank you learn from the massachusetts bill and what has -- that you learned from the massachusetts bill and what has transpired, that would be helpful to the process here on national health care? >> no question a lot of lessons to be learned from the massachusetts experience. first, issues like getting everybody insured should be solved at the state level not the federal level with a one size fits all plan put together by congress. number two, you don't raise taxes on people to put it in place which they are intent on
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doing. number three, you don't put a mandate on businesses not going to create jobs. you don't cut medicare put the cost on the backs of seniors. everything about this bill is wrong-headed that's why i think the american people are going to reject those that are sponsors of it. >> greta: we've had the discussion many times here on the record i said people think this bill is lousy, say next november in the midterm elections, i suppose two years later the voters will take it out on those who voted for. here's the problem, he will have the bill at that point unless we try to make it better now. do you have any recommendation to try to fix it, pervade -- persuade some of your ideas into this new bill or are we stuck with what is handed us? >> as we are invited to sit at the table with democrats and
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do it properly. there's been a lot learned, problems to avoid, tunes that exist. there's a real need for health care reform in this country that isn't what is going on now this is about politics not about helping the american people with a better health care bill many if people are serious about focusing on health care and improving it we could achieve some great things. i don't think that is in the cars now this is so aggressively pushed. today the temporary senator from massachusetts said if a republican is elected in the special election in massachusetts replacing senator kennedy, he paul kirk will stay in office in order to cast the deciding vote. he won't let the voice of the people decide what should happen with health care reform. they are pulling all the stops in one of the most ugly partisan processes i think washington has seen in a long, longtime. >> greta: what do you make of the tea party movement? >> i think it shows a great deal of energy and passion on the part of the american people to say stop, we're
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going the wrong way. enough already, let's get things right in america. america is medicined in the wrong direction. growing government increase intacts more intrusiveness in government has made people angry they want to see change. they want to see the washington politicians voting for this intrusive government thrown out of office. i think it is good. i think washington politicians need to understand there's a lot of focus and energy around what is happening and people aren't going to take it a lot longer. >> greta: do you worry it is more a problem for the democratic party much like in '92 with ross perot and george bush 41 it might hurt the republican party because it shaves off votes in that direction or people won't go to the polls because they want tea party candidates, not the republican party or there will be a third party candidate? >> if there were a third party and a real intent to create a strong third party that would obviously be very damaging to
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whatever party it drew the most votes from. if it were a tea party, party that would be from conservative republicans. i don't that i is going to happen. i think people recognize we are not talking about politics, we are talking about the country. this is a critical time for the country globally in terms of our safety and security, also economic if we divide the conservative vote and therefore, hanover to the democrats more years of single party rule and barack obama another four years, we would have a very different country at the end of eight years of obama rule. i don't think in the final analysis that anyone is going to put their personal, political aspirations above the needs of the country. >> greta: you mentioned security. if this were a president romney would you have responded differently than president obama to this december 25th, christmas underwear bomber on flight 253? >> well, i think almost anybody who has looked at how the president has handled this has been very dismayed. his initial reaction to say
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this was an individual acting on his own, that was the wrong thing for him to stale. -- to say. he attacked the intelligence community in an aggressive way. of course they needed a talking to, particularly the secretary of homeland security. the president should have stood up as jfk did and said this was my fault, i'm responsible, i'll do a better job and then deal with your people. instead of taking this would be bomber and interrogating him so we could learn the very intelligence that our community so desperately wants to have instead of doing that they decided to lawyer him up and quiet him down so he can't give us the information we need. the president is more intent at having the people at the aclu happy than he ought to be. he should be helping the intelligence community in every way. talk about bringing legal action against members of our intelligence community for the action they took during the bush years all these things is
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putting a chill in the capacity of our intelligence community to carry out its job. i think the president is making serious errors in protecting the country. >> greta: would you have fired anybody? the thing that stands out, obviously we don't have all the information it is different than sitting in the oval office and having the information on the inside. on the out -- outside it seems some embassy in nigeria and it never made its way to where it should have gone. that was the most appalling information. would you have fired somebody somebody or asked forest signatures nations? >> i don't look for escape gets. i don't think you fire -- scapegoats. i don't think you fire someone to -- >> greta: not for that whoever messed up unfortunately, that person is still there and can do it again. so it is not to punish. but to remove someone from this very important job who might put us at risk again.
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we got lucky this time, no one was killed. >> there's no question if in doing the analysis you find out there were people who just weren't doing their job or made serious errors in judgment they shouldn't be in that job they should be finding employment where they could be more effective. you would have to look at that carefully. if someone needs to be fired, you fire them. i must admit the secretary of homeland security has been disappointing in this. i was surprised that the white house would let her be the spokesperson, dealing with this issue as it first came out. she did a very ineffective job of convincing the american people that our government was on top of the security breach. >> greta: money, jobs. we've had a dismal reports this morning that nobody wanted to hear about the job problem in this country. is there anything you would do differently at this point? the stimulus bill has been passed it is a done deal. right now today what would you do? >> i can't help but say they
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told us the stimulus bill would keep us from hitting 10% unemployment we spend almost a trillion and still hit the 10%. it was a failure. the right answer today to encourage the private sector. you do that by reducing the burdens on businesses and job creators and employers of all kinds. you for instance lower the payroll tax or put in place a more robust investment tax credit so you encourage businesses to grow these are the things you do if you want to create jobs. the president has not done that he has scared the employment community. they are scared they see taxes going up, health care mandate coming down the road with new burdens being placed on them. talk about compensation limits for executives. they see gm and gmac and aig under government control they are worried. the president has not taken the kind of action you need to stimulate the private sector, he has frightened it.
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>> greta: if you did what you say, strike that again. is what the president is doing is that going to hurt the economy or a slower recovery than you would like to have or any of us would like to have? >> well, slow is hurt. when you have an extra -- >> greta: totally wrong direction is it totally the wrong direction or just not as effective or epidemic means to achieve a goal? >> when you throw money out of the airplane window are you going to stimulate the economy below the plane? yeah. he is not going to net/net help the economy it would have hurt the american people who will have lost their jobs needlessly and delay their rehiring that is hurting american people. that's the problem with this stimulus. it is going to be a burden on the economy for many years to come. the right course instead of passing a new stimulus which would add additional burr on financial markets and
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the committee the right action is reduce the burden on the employment community and encourage them to invest in new capital equipment, new hires, new people that's the right way to go. >> greta: governor if you will stand by. in two minutes we will ask the governor that 2012 question. if you think you know the answer already, wrong. there is something that makes things very different now. did you hear angelina jolie gets dumped. what happened? did you hear about the naked
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>> greta: the news just out our guest governor romney wants to hear it. according to a national journal poll of republican insiders, governor romney takes the title's most likely to become the gop nominee in 2012. democratic insiders put
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governor romney on top as well. they say the governor would be the strongest nominee for the gop in 2012. governor, you must like those numbers, that information? >> well it is better than a kick in the teeth. haven't made decisions yet about what we might do in 2012. this is a critical year now getting ready for the 2010 elections to see if he can't bring balance and reasonableness to washington again. the future will take care of itself. >> greta: what is the criteria you look at? you have to think about the future. what would tip your decision either way? what are the things that you're considering? >> you know, my wife and i and kids we'll sit down when the time comes and talk about a host of considerations. where the country is. what the implications would be for ourselves for a race what the personal implications might be. whether i would be the right person or somebody else might do a better job. these are the kinds of things
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we have to discuss. we haven't given that a lot of thought this time. we did last time. we won't again a discussion like that until after the november elections maybe not until sometime in the next year. >> greta: you have a new book, the case for american greatness. tip off you are going to head in that direction, why the book? >> it has been in the works for a long time. i've done a lot of travel in the business world and i've been very concerned about the direction our country is headed compared to other nations in the world. i'm afraid washington politicians have put america on a road to decline this is a wake-up call. i don't expect it to sell millions of copies but i expect opinion leaders to take a read and hopefully we can get america on a course of greatness again. i think that is in the cars. but we have to throw out some of the ideas that are currently in washington today. >> greta: who do you admire in
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the republican party now and why? >> there are a lot of terrific people that i admire. john mccain, a national hero ran a terrific campaign and continues undaunted in washington right now. mitch mcconnell the leader in the senate, somebody who i respect he's been able to do a great job at standing tall and fighting some of the worse things from the democratic side of the aisle and put forward a series of plans from stimulus bill to health care plan in the house john boehner has kept his team together working hard in a common cause. and you have to look at someone like sara palin galvanized our party she continues to do that i expect people across the party. get great what is going on in your home state? you have an aggressive senate race for senator kennedy's seat january 19th, is the voting day. tough race for both of them?
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>> i think this is surprising a lot of people. most people expected that a democrat would just roll into ted kennedy's seat has ted kennedy has year after year. massachusetts is not as monolithic a liberal state as people think. they voted for reagan twice, elected a republican governor 16 straight years. right now there's a lot of anger among independents in particular about the obama health care plan. what are seeing is people are flocking to scott brown. he has narrowed the race it is a single race now. he's raising money from across the country. he could very well win this thing. he's an independent-minded republican not a rubber stamp kind of guy. but he brings energy, passion and experience that i think is galvanizing support in massachusetts. >> greta: it is interesting, should he win, suddenly the senate isn't filibuster proof it is so much more profoundly
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important to the nation not just to massachusetts whether you are a democrat or republican you have got to be watching this race. >> massachusetts would be in the catbird's seat the senator from massachusetts would be able to make key calls on key pieces of legislation. with regards to health care to make sure the lessons about the good in the massachusetts plan and the bad is accommodated and understood before it is dealt with in a national plan. it would make all the sense in the world for the people of massachusetts to elect scott brown and for people across the country to send him a check for $25 or whatever to say we care about that vote. >> greta: governor, thank you say hello your family for us. >> thanks greta. >> greta: next, a wife talking about her husband. when we tell you what she is saying, you are going to hate her. we don't blame you. ambassador bolton here to tell you about a vital problem that is dangerous and growing. griff jenkins day five on his health care tour.
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breaking news comes into fox. a packed hour of on the record continues, next.
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>> greta: we don't need to tell new one this one is sick and it is obvious. perfect example of the radical enemies we face. december 30th, at a base in afghanistan a jordanian doctor murdered seven of our cia employees in a suicide bombing. the killer's wife says, i'm proud of him, my husband has carried out a great operation in such a war. may god accept his martyr dom. she also says, i think the war against the united states must go on. is his wife a freak case or just the tip of the iceberg? joining us john bolton.
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we hear so infrequently about the women. not that they are not -- i guess that's a question. high viral is this? how much are the wives behind these men? >> i think it proves that wives can be just as much religious extremists as their husbands. we in the united states frankly don't understand the motivating power of this kind of religious fanaticism. we have a simplistic, marxist view of economic determinism and economic factors dominate how history is made that is extremely simplistic. i think this religious zeal shows this economic determinism is not the answer to all these issues. >> greta: the thing that struck me as odd she hadn't heard from him for quite sometime she was in turkey and he had been in pakistan and other places. as soon as she discovered he
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committed suicide and killed these people it doesn't seem the first response is grief. it is more supporting him, cheering him. it is vote vile the way to think she would be so ecstatic, so supportive. >> if you understand what's going on as a war, waged again the united states, and our friends around the world, it's not surprising to see somebody on the other side view this kind of tragedy this way. this guy is not a bank robber nor was abdulmutallab the christmas day terrorist. they think they are engaged in combat. in this case the wife, family, other loved ones think they are engaged in a kind of combat too. >> greta: the fact she is from turkey, although turkey has been an ally of ours and we've had a better relationship with turkey than with many countries in that region in the last 10, 15 years especially since the iraq war there's been a growing dislike of americans among turkish
10:25 pm
people. >> i think it is possible the turkish state formed after the collapse of the otto man empire was based on the notion of secularism that constitutional framework for turkey is under attack. this woman is representative of that the rise of islamic extremism inside turkey threatens it alliance with the united states. get tkwret what do we do? >> we've got to look at this as a long term struggle and really as a war against this kind of extremism. not against islam as a whole. but against people who are determined to use these sorts of weapons and suicide bombing and the range of terrorist tax, including acquiring weapons of mass destruction, if they can. if you break away from the idea that we're inbeginninged in a war, if you let your defenses down, there's trouble ahead. >> greta: how do we possibly ferret out those who are extremists who want to kill? it is so viral.
10:26 pm
you -- obviously in this insurance stance a cia -- in this instance cia employees were way too trusting it cost them their lives. how do we zero in on those who have legitimate, religious interests or beliefs and those just out to kill us? it is so hard to ferret them out. >> let's start with the ones that -- with the ones who are trying to kill us first. i think the need to do something about al-qaeda's bases in somalia and yemen and elsewhere should be at the top of our list. when we look at our spoken to the christmas day attack it shouldn't be putting in whole body scanners it should be killing the al-qaeda leaders. >> greta: that creates this woman. that's the irony. >> i don't agree with that the argument that our act in self-defense is the greatest recruiting tool for the other side ignores the fact that these earlier attacks sprang up when we weren't defending
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ourselves. if defending ourselves creates more of a problem it shows we need stronger defenses and more action. >> greta: i'm in favor of defending ourselves. the reason i point out the horrible situation it puts us in the more we tried to defend ourselves whether the northern area of pakistan in some ways the problem continues to grow it is so viral, that's what i meant. >> what that shows is that we are coming to a better standing of how deep the animosity is for them to of -- for some of these people and why cost met tick -- cosmetic efforts like the president's cairo speech doesn't address that when you are in this struggle you have to be committed to your values believe in your way of life and have to be prepared to take steps against theirs. when america shows strength those that undecided in the struggle are more inclined to believe we are going to pre--
10:28 pm
prevail than if we show weakness. >> greta: your idea is to continue to be tough and continue along the path we are going? the problem is, i get a little impatient. i don't want to read about more people being killed. i get -- is there something else we should be doing? >> there's a lot more we should be doing in terms of public diplomacy around the worm defending for example why we opened gitmo and why we should keep gitmo open and stop being so apologetic >> greta: one of the most telling things we were in pakistan after giving them 7.5 billion dollars and they were furious at the united states because we had string attached. we wanted to know what they were doing with the money. i thought if we have gotten to that point and we reach out and they get madder at us and come back at us it seems hopeless.
10:29 pm
>> at the the high of marshal plan aid to france after world war ii, american popularity and french public opinion polls was almost as low during the last years of the bush administration. we have to look at what america's strategic interests are and make our decisions on military economic assistance, whatever to advance our objectives. not because we think we are going to buy gratitude. >> ambassador, thank you. >> up next, nebraska, nevada, california, louisiana. five days coast-to-coast with griff jen keupbls. day number five he's live from arkansas. trouble in paradise for angelina jolie. she just got dumped what is going on? we'll tell you. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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ok. oomph. i'm a mommy. i love kids! i'm responsible, loving, nurturing. ahhh! yea whooo! no no no no no! don't touch that. [squeak squeak] stop, stop! ahhhhh! whoa! being a parent's a lot of work. where's mommy? here i am! sid: [laugh] ha ha, no, stop, stop. . >> greta: day number five and griff jenkins has been coast-to-coast this week
10:32 pm
talking health care. right now he's live in little rock, arkansas. griff? >> reporter: hey greta. according to new rasmussen poll numbers here opposition to the health care bill is higher than national averages. an example, 74% of arkansas voters think this bill will lead to a higher federal budget deficit as opposed to 60% nationally. we sat down with democrat congressman snyder and he thinks this bill is good for arkansas. congressman, how is the health care bilk received here in arkansas? >> we've got a robust discussion for several months. that discussion continues it depends on what part of the bill you are talking about and who you are talking to. my own view is, arkansas have been interested in seeing something different in health care for decades. we are a poor state with a lot of uninsured people.
10:33 pm
are can -- and we recognize we need do something different. >> reporter: bottom line, you believe this bill is good for arkansas? >> oh yeah, i think this bill is very good for arkansas. not just good for those who don't have health insurance it will be good for those who have insurance and like what we have because we have got to get a handle on the escalated premiums. >> reporter: congressman snyder also told me that he believed that opposition bass due to misinformation. he several people come to his office and he would talk to them and they might change their tune. when we sat down with republican state representative kerr he had a different reading on arkansas's temperature. representative kerr we are taking the temperature of
10:34 pm
americans taking the temperature in arkansas how would you describe the sentiment on the street across arkansas in terms of the way they feel about this bill? >> if you are taking the temperature about arkansas, they have a fever 101° and climbing. and they are hot about it. they don't like the fact that their senators and their congressmen are not listening to them. when we are heard, and our voices do get loud to be heard we are called unamerican. so, you know they're very disappointed and very upset. i think you will see it come this november. >> reporter: good point. your governor, your two u.s. senators are democrats. you think this is going to have a political impact if this bill does pass? >> i think it is going to be felt across the political scale from one end to the other. there's going to be a lot of positions lost.
10:35 pm
if blanch lincoln keeps her seat it will be at a huge cost. >> reporter: speaking of senator lincoln that same poll found that all four gop challengers in a head to head match-up are leading senator lincoln. we stopped by her office and she wasn't available. she down south in the state campaigning at a fundraising dinner. however, why is the struggle for her? why are the poll numbers low? perhaps it is a sentiment of discontent with the incumbents with their elected offs as we found in little rock resident, peggy jones. we just hitting main street, what's your name and what do you think about the health care bill? >> my name is peggy jones and i have a definite opinion. i think it is not government's job to take care of us. government has taught us for years to depend on the government. look at the people in new orleans after katrina.
10:36 pm
those people had been taught by the government to wait on the government look what happens when you wait on the government. it is not government's job to take care of us. i which government would teach self reliance and independence. our country wasn't founded with the government that was here to take care of us. it is to protect us from foreign invasion so we can pursue our own happiness. it is not here to give us our happiness in any way, shape or form. certainly not with health care. i look at social security, medicare is about to go bankrupt. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: miss jones was not one of our first five folks we ran into here in arkansas. so as prompted, unedited as we found 'em, took 'em as they came, we take you the viewer to main street in little rock, for their first five. we are on main street in
10:37 pm
little rock, arkansas at the community bakery cafe. let's see who we can find. here the first two people i've seen. how are you? >> great. >> reporter: what is your name? >> pam. >> reporter: pam, the health care out of washington what do you think? >> i think i don't know everything i should know about it. about 2,000 pages i have no idea what. i don't understand why it would take 2,000 pages. >> reporter: maybe washington should take a little longer before they vote on it? >> i definitely think so. >> reporter: what's your name? >> victoria. >> reporter: what do you think about the health care bill? >> i'm for it. i'm for obama. i was for hillary, but now i'm behind him. he's president, not me. >> reporter: your senator blanch lynn con -- blanch long con wants a better deal did
10:38 pm
you -- i'm not going to -- did you here what they got? >> no. >> reporter: i'm not going to ask you about what you don't know. what is your name? >> gloria. >> reporter: are you from here in little rock? >> now we are. >> reporter: what do you think about the health care bill? >> we haven't worried too much about it. we just hope tri-care will stay with us that's through the air force. >> reporter: a nurse, hang on. you look like a nurse. you might be in the medical profession what is your name? >> jenny. >> reporter: let me ask, what do you think about the health care bill in washington that is about to get passed? >> the actual bill i not know enough about it to say if i am for it or against it. but i do believe we need health care reform. >> reporter: would you vote for in bill or not? >> if they provided more information i would probably
10:39 pm
be apt to vote for. >> reporter: we need one person to finish the first five. what is your name? >> len hamilton. >> reporter: what think about the health care bill park ton is about to pass? >> i'm all in favor of it. we need to help poor people. >> reporter: there it is the first five from little rock that's the temperature of arkansas. if i could, just a couple of observations having again across country. number one, people are passionate on both sides of the issue of health care. they are paying attention. they want to know more information. should this bill come and become law then i certainly think that the elected officials on both sides should do a better job of explaining what they've just been given. number two, the cost of the bill rains supreme in -- reins extreme in being the number one concern, california,
10:40 pm
arkansas, louisiana, nevada and -- everyone wants to know how this will impact the state budget deficits. >> greta: are you going home now? >> reporter: yes, i'm headed back to washington tomorrow. i will tell this to our viewers. if there's more health care news out there as congress begins to reconcile the bill between the house and the senate we will jump back on road for you and take you right to that state and that town's main street. >> greta: all right griff, thank you. here's what is company up after this show on the o'reilly factor. bill: are conservatives criticizing the president too much? karl rove will analyze. and glen beck has a big an innocencement. >> greta: o'reilly in 20 minutes. we are live at the top of the hour.
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steve morris seconds away who knew nudity was so popular at the white house? we had not heard this one. keep your clothes on for this next report, coming up.  ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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. >> greta: there's so much more head. first to our new york newsroom where lauren green has headlines. >> the man accused of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day pleaded not guilty in detroit today.
10:44 pm
umar farouk abdulmutallab said little only that he understood the charges against him. he's accused of trying to set off explosives hidden in his underwear while a northwest flight bound for detroit. he could face life in prison if convicted. >> bitter cold gripping a large part of the nation. not going away forcasters warning the cold will last through the weekend. on the plus side, so many areas that saw snowfall last week will get less precipitation. the winter weather willing -- killing more than a dozen people one man found dead in the snow in montanan and four killed in an ohio bus accident. for all headlines log on to >> greta: take a deep breath. new job numbers are horrible, again, 85,000 jobs lost in the month of december. it is worse than we expected. unemployment still stands at 10%. now what? joining us live is steve
10:45 pm
morris. steve, 85,000, extraordinary disappointing, those numbers. what happened? i thought november we had a little bit of an uptick. >> the situation is that the unemployment numbers were just terrible. what happened was, we lost 85,000 jobs. it is discouraging because we thought we were going to see positive job growth. the other thing we experienced was that the number of people who are unemployed for more than six months, 40% of unemployed people can find a job. very discouraging report. >> greta: there's a lot of objection by many to the stimulus bill, many republicans to the stimulus bill last february. once it was passed it seemed that people should at least try to support it and hope that it was going to create jobs and i was on the right path and to give it a chance. we are now almost a year into the stimulus bill, a month shy
10:46 pm
of a year into it. at what point do we declare it is working or not working? >> i've been saying for months it is not working. the evidence is pretty clear. remember the president said we would have three million jobs if we passed this bill. we continue to lose jobs in most months. since the stimulus bill was passed we've lost about 1 1/2 million jobs. i don't see any evidence this is working. congress is trying to pass another stimulus bill i think it is throwing good money after bad. >> greta: what happened in december? i'm surprised it stayed at 10%. there are so many part-time jobs created in december with christmas and the holiday and the retail business. there was no increase. what happened? why was the retail jobs jumping up? >> these numbers are seasonally adjusted they account for the fact that more people are hired in december during the christmas season. here's another thing to think
10:47 pm
about also somewhat discourage 600,000 americans dropped out of the labor force, they are not looking for jobs any longer because there aren't jobs for them to fill. we you look at the percentage of americans that are not working that are of working age it is as low as it has been in 25 years. there's no jobs out there for people well trained for work. >> greta: think of the young people, people who -- especially inner city communities where the numbers are so unbelievably high for unemployment. it is shocking. the president has now said that -- today he talked about he's going to knowcus on job creation creation -- going to focus on job creation not that he hasn't been thinking about. what should he do now to turn this around, what would you recommend? >> good news is the companies are not laying off any longer. but they are not hiring works.
10:48 pm
you have these americans who can't find jobs. i would like to see something to help small businesses hire workers. the small businessman has been left out of this equation. they hire 2/3 of all americans. i would like to see a big tax cut for small businesses. >> greta: do you hear the president suggesting or any hint from his economic advisers they are looking at that as a possibility? >> right now they are talking about spending another 50 to 100 billion dollars on exactly the kind of government programs we've done for the last year. you put your finger on the problem. it has been one year we've had this 787 billion dollar stimulus plan and the jobs just haven't arrived this is i think why a lot of americans are panicked about the job market. i will make this prediction, i think next month you are going to start to see job get because the economy is growing. >> greta: that's good news. if we can be patient.
10:49 pm
part of me on this whole job thing is the psychological effect. people have to feel like there's going to be a good economy so they invest and spend. if we keep getting beaten down with these bad numbers even an upward trend would help. >> that's true. until people have jobs they can't spend money, they can't pay their mortgages and so on. i think jobs are the real linchpin to getting the economy going begin. unacceptable to have 15.2 million americans employed. the real rate is closer to 15% because you have a lot of americans that can't find fulltime jobs. >> greta: and have given up. thank you. up next, the best of the rest. angelina jolie gets dumped. can you believe it? we'll tell you what happened. >> speed ticket that breaks an all time record. you do not want a fine like
10:50 pm
this what happens when you jump off the world's tallest building? you up on the best of the rest. we'll show you.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> greta: here the best of the rest. who could forget this video. governor rod blagojevich doing his best elvis. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: apparently blagojevich enthusiastic love
10:54 pm
for the king has paid off. "time" magazine just put together the top 10 list of elvis impersonators. blagojevich number two. johnny cash number one. comedian andy kaufman came in third. today would have been elvis presley's 75th birthday. >> do you have a lead foot? don't speed in switzerland. a man got caught speeding slapped with a big ticket, $290,000 for speeding. the fine is a new record, new swiss record. before you feel sorry to the driver he's supposedly worth more than 20 million dollars the court based the fine on his wealth. the repeat offender speeder was going 85 in a 50 mile hour zone and he was driving what else, a red ferrari. he to keep that >> how are you at heights? the world's tallest building just opened in dubai. naturally two people decided to jump off. how do you say geronimo in
10:55 pm
arabic? >> coming from a northern direction at about 10 knots. >> greta: those jumps broke the world record with the highest base jump, ever. >> angelina jolie gets dumped. no, not by brad but the high end clothing line st. john. the ceo says she over shadows the bran. the cea adds we wanted to make a break from actresses, stay way from blondes. the solution a red head taking over as the face of the company. >> finally, the white house has not said when the
10:56 pm
president will deliver the state of the union address. we know when it won't be. the fans of the hit show "lost" can all breathe a sigh of relief. >> secondarily, is he aware of the internet storm over those who are begging him not to schedule the state of the union address on the night of the three hour premiere of "lost." >> i will say this on behalf of abc radio i don't foresee a scenario in which the millions that hope to get conclusion in "lost" are preempted by the president. >> we'll hold you to that >> you can quote a senior official. >> "lost" premieres february 2nd. >> next, a story we had not heard involving a naked dinner guest at the white house. how can you not stick around to hear this one.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
welcome home, man. a naked jogger at the white house. >> conan reports we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you on monday.
11:00 pm
the o'reilly factor is next.

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